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An internet job search from the comfort of your desk may seem appealing, but you must be aware of the facts. While the internet is a great way to research companies, our experts have found that it is not the most effective way to find a new job.

Employers tell us sifting through a plethora of on-line resumes is extremely time consuming. It adds greatly to the hours they put in trying to hire the best people for their openings.

Job seekers tell us that they have had much less success than they anticipated on the internet. They say it's hard trying to stand out based only on their resume. They perceive that they are getting lost in the shuffle without the chance to shine. They want access to hiring managers.

These frustrations can be eliminated by working with competent experts, like the consultants at JVT Advisors. We have built relationships with companies that have come to trust us and rely on us to provide them with compatible professionals.

We give our clients access to these hiring managers. We give our hiring managers a respite from the virtual piles of resumes - and a reason to take notice of you and your resume!

Our client-companies greatly appreciate the work our consultants do. We take them from the drudgery of analyzing many resumes. They know we reach out and attract the exact types they hope to find. They appreciate our attention to their needs. Not only do we make their jobs easier - we make yours easier too!

BOTTOM LINE: The web is a fantastic tool in the exploration of the kinds of companies where you may want to work. But, if your goal is to get noticed and get the job, the quickest and most effective path is through the recruiter. Should you choose to turn to JVT Advisors, you will find that our connections, commitment and care for your career will lead you to career success.

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JVT can help you determine if it's time to move on. We'll advise you on the best way to know if it's wise to test your "marketability." We can also conduct a highly selective passive search, informing you of your opportunities


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